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Renters are looking for 5 luxury lifestyle features in 2024.

High-end properties aren't exclusively for those looking to purchase a home; numerous renters are now in search of upscale amenities that enhance their urban living experience. Innovative developers are meeting this demand by incorporating luxury features into rental properties.

1:Adaptable Arrangement.
Lease durations can be discussed, ranging from six months to six years, and fixed rent increases are an option for multi-year agreements. Apartments are available for rent in both furnished and unfurnished states, and tenants have the liberty to make cosmetic changes, such as painting walls.

2:Wellness Services.
Maintaining physical and mental well-being is a significant aspect of contemporary culture, yet it can come with a hefty price tag. Monthly expenses for gym memberships, self-care treatments, and exercise classes can accumulate.

Residents enjoy access to a range of wellness amenities, such as a yoga and Pilates room, a cutting-edge gym, sauna, and pool, offering both convenience and cost-effective. The purpose behind providing these facilities and services is to offer tenants convenient pathways to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

3: Specialized Services.
Renters paying a premium for their apartment should anticipate receiving upscale service offerings. Home provides residents with a variety of luxurious services, including a pet spa, a 24/7 concierge, and an in-house maintenance expert capable of assisting with challenging furniture flatpack assembly.

4: Central Location.
The association of luxury living with urban areas implies an end to lengthy and exhausting commutes for work or social activities. Consequently, a central location becomes a crucial element for premium rental properties.
Residents can utilize trains and trams to reach the city center swiftly and enjoy the additional advantage of being within walking distance of the CBD.

5: Shared Connection.
Promoting a sense of community is a distinctive feature of Home, encouraging residents to connect with one another and embark on new experiences. This provides an excellent opportunity for residents to form new social connections with like-minded individuals, explore both the city and the local community, and become acquainted with nearby businesses that enhance their rental experience.
This aspect of our offering is particularly appealing to those relocating from interstate or internationally, entering Melbourne for the first time.

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