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The New Regulations: What About Your Pets?

According to the new renting law, the renter could have their pets at rental properties with the written permission of the rental provider. The rental provider could not refuse the permission unless they have the approval from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

The pet consent form could only be applied to bringing a new pet into the rental properties after the new pet laws commenced. It, however, does not apply to renters who already have pets before the new pet laws.

First of all, the renters need to check whether the pet they plan to have is comply with council laws and other laws about pet ownership. For more information, visit the Pets section – Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions website:

Once the renters plan to live with their pet in a rental property, they must obtain the rental provider’s consent first. And the Consumer Affairs Victoria form has to be used. It would be the best if the renter could seek the rental provider’s consent as early as possible once they plan to have a pet at a rental property.

The rental provider could not refuse consent to renters to have pets without reasonable reasons. The rental providers need to apply for a VCAT order within 14 days if they want to refuse the consent. If the rental providers do not apply for a VCAT order within 14 days, it means the rental provider agreed with the consent to a renter to keep their pets in the rental property.

VCAT may consider the type of pets, the character and nature of the property and whether refuse the consent is under any Act.

If the renter is keeping a pet without obtain rental provider’s consent after the new renting law commenced, the rental provider could apply for a VCAT order to exclude the pet from the rental property.

The renters have responsibility for any pet relate damage to the rental property.

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