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Top 8 Costliest Australian Cities for Renters.

Australia ranks among the top destinations worldwide for residency.

Here, you'll find everything: stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, vast expanses, and a coffee culture that rivals the most sophisticated European nations.

As expected, Sydney has claimed the top position on this ranking. Despite being overtaken by Melbourne in terms of population, an impressive 5.3 million individuals reside in the city - surpassing the combined populations of Paris and Rome. As anticipated, residing in such a densely populated urban center comes with a hefty price tag: an average of $620 per week.


The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) leads the nation in numerous aspects, and despite its reputation for chilly weather and work-focused design, it remains highly desirable. For those who can tolerate the winter chill, the average rental price amounts to approximately $620 per week.


As the capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin is inhabited by a modest population of only 130,000. Famous for its tropical climate and rich wildlife, tenants in Darwin typically shell out an average of $570 per week in rent.


Brisbane, Queensland's most populous and capital city, has secured the fourth spot on this ranking.

With approximately 2.2 million residents, Brisbane's average weekly rent stands at $540.


Hobart, situated in Tasmania, Australia's southernmost state, is home to just over 200,000 people.

Despite its smaller population compared to other major Australian cities, renting here remains significantly expensive. On average, the weekly cost to rent a home in Hobart is $530.


Perth, located a five-hour flight away from Australia's east coast, is closer to Denpasar in Indonesia than it is to Sydney. In this city, which boasts a population of nearly two million, the average weekly rent is $520.

In a ranking that might catch a few off guards, Melbourne has secured the seventh spot. Earlier this year, it surpassed Sydney to become the most populated city in Australia, and its residents are often eager to share the reasons for its appeal. The typical rent in Melbourne is $480, mirroring the rental costs found in Adelaide.


Securing the eighth position is Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. The city is home to approximately 1.3 million people, with the median rental price for a dwelling standing at $480 weekly.

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