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Changes to Rights of Entry a Property by the Rental Provider

The rental provider or agent has a right to enter the rental property by agreement or by giving an advance notice to the renter.

The rental provider or agent could enter the property if the renter agreed with the date and time, but the agreement should be made within 7 days before the entry date.

If the reasons of entry was specified in the Act, the rental provider or agent could enter the property by giving a notice of entry to the renter in advance. The entry reasons must included in the notice. The rental provider or agent should be giving the intended amount of times to entering the property.

If a notice of entry was given to the renter, the entry time must be after 8.00am and before, it could be any day except a public day.

The renter has a duty to permit the entry for a reasonable purpose. The renter also can apply for a VCAT order to specify the entry date and the amount of time.

A notice of entry must be in writing with the reasons of entry, and it must be posted to the renter or be delivered in person to the renter between 8.00am to 6.00pm.

Reasons of entry in the Act:

For example, the rental provider or agent has the right of entering the property and show the property to prospective renters or buyers and lenders.

Once the renter has given the notice to vacate to the rental provider or agent, the rental provider or the agent has the right to show the property or to conduct open inspections for prospective renters. The inspection should only be available within 21 days before the expiry date of the rental agreement, and should only be allowed for twice a week and less than one hour for each inspection. Also, the rental provider or agent have to giving a 48 hours’ notice to the renter before entering the property for any inspections also.

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