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Time-frame For Renter To Reimburse Rental Provider For Cost Of Damage Repairs

The new regulation started on 29th of May inform that, a rental provider may give a repair notice to a renter if the renter has caused damage to the rented premises, and a breach of duty notice has not been given.

  1. The renter will be required to repair the damage at the renter’s expense within 14 days after the notice. If the renter couldn’t organised a maintenance within 14 days in a proper and tradesman-like manner, the rental provider may repair the damage at the renter’s expense.

  2. Otherwise, rental provider can notify the renter directly that the repairs is been undertaking at the renter’s expense as soon as practicable after giving the notice. If the repairs is undertaken by rental provider referenced in the repair notice, the renter is liable for the reasonable cost of repairs. A reimbursement must be arranged by the renter within 14 days after the rental provider provide details of the cost of repairs.

  3. If the renter is experiencing hardship they may give written notice to the rental provider that they require an additional 14 days to reimburse the rental provider. Proof of hardship must be provided by the renter if the rental provider requests proof. If the rental provider does not agree to allow the renter additional time to reimburse the cost of repairs, the renter may apply to VCAT for an extension to the 14-day period if they are unable to reimburse the rental provider before the end of the 14-day period.

Compare to the previous requirement, the time-frame in which the renter was required to repay the rental provider for the cost of the damage repairs was not stated in the Act .

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