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The expanded definition of Urgent Repairs that every landlord needs to take notes on

“Urgent repairs now include repairs or replacements relating to air conditioning, safety devices and any fault or damage which makes the property unsafe or insecure, including pest infestations, or mould or damp caused by or related to the building structure.”

Generally, any damage or failure relates to health risk, uninhabitable, property unsafe or insecure, considered urgent repairs.

Example of new urgent repair:

  1. Broken or fault air condition that provided by the rental provider: broken heater during winter or broken cooler during summer, it also depends on weather as well

  2. Broken or fault safety related device: smoke alarm, pool fence

  3. Any damage or faulty that result in health risk and property safe: mould, structure, infestation

Process of urgent repair:

The renter should contact emergency phone number first, emergency contact number should be found in the lease contract. Also, the renter should provide a written request at the meantime. The renter only can organise and pay for the urgent maintenance if rental provider or agent does not response to the request.

Cost of urgent repair:

  • If urgent repairs have been proceeding by the renter, the renter have to provide the written notice of repairs and the cost of the urgent repair. The $2500 is the price limit for urgent repair.

  • The rental provider must reimburse renter for the cost of repair within 7 days once the renter provide the notice of the reasonable cost for repair in writing, instead of 14 days.

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