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What Are The Things You Must Know About The New Rental Law Changes In Victoria

By now you have probably heard about the sweeping reforms to the Victorian Residential Tenancies Regulations 2020. While this is exciting for tenants as there is a new level of freedom one has to enjoy certain aspects of their rental home, you must also remember to stick to the rules or you may end up in hot water.

You now have the right to keep a pet in your rented premises as long as you submit the proper pet application form, the rental provider can only deny the request if there are grounds to do so. For example, if the premises are too small for a large dog or the pet has behaviour problems and will be a disturbance to neighbours. But a new kitten in the apartment is fine as long as you keep the property clean and tidy and are prepared to take on the responsibility if the animal damages the property.

There are other perks for tenants like minor modifications, these can be done as long as the property can and is returned to its original condition when you vacate. Now, this doesn't mean that you can build an extension but a coat of paint on the other hand is ok as long as you have permission from the rental provider.

Also, you can now hang your favourite artwork on the wall but make sure you use a proper picture hook with a nail that won't leave a large mark.

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